Material Studies and Modelmaking

Inspired by the purely polyhedral form of OMA’s Casa da Musica building in Porto, Portugal, the project is an attempt to shift scales and experiment with various model making techniques including casting wax, CNC milling and 3D printing to create a series of candles that rest on a carved wooden platform. Existing interior elements such as vernacular Portugese tiles are used as prints to resemble the OMA building.

3d printed models of boolean geometry with primitive polygons as base figures. Through various stages of design experimentation in Grasshopper, 2d and 3d forms are applied and subtracted from the larger building scale.

Manually cut kerfs into white oak using the bandsaw in order to transform wood’s rigid materiality into a flexible state. The wooden object rests on layered wood veneer sheets that have been laid and glued over a foam base and then vacuum formed overnight. Small magnets are used to attach the white oak object onto the veneer base.